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Renée Marjolein - Printmaker

Capturing a sense of place and stillness in woodcut print.


It is not uncommon that in response to uncertainty we turn to favorite places of stability and sameness found in the landscape of our childhood and memory.

While the series of baches began as a reaction to the longing for, and separation from special places, they have become much more.  

Old houses and their untamed and abundant foliage have always captivated me. More than just lovely in their proportions and old-world charm, they have the patina of age and lived-in-ness that speaks of endurance and a beautiful ordinary.  Their rambling gardens testify to their longevity and knit them into the land.

These places were landmarks along the roads of my childhood.  They are becoming symbols of endurance and stability. 

Although they are symbolic spaces, romaticised in ink, it is significant too that they are real places with real histories connected to real people. They are not empty, abandoned or impersonal. They are homes and I include the stuff of life; water tanks, ladders, and washing on the line as evidence of their habitation. Because places without people are non-places.

They evoke feelings of home, rest, connection and belonging. They are gezellig, a Dutch term with no suitable English equivalent. They bring to mind places we are drawn to return to whether physically, in memory or in imaginings.  

The baches invite viewers to consider their own sense of place and enjoy the enduring beauty in humble spaces. 

Recently I had a lovely chat with Monique Balvert O'Conner. The article "How to manage five children and an art career" was published in the Your Weekend magazine insert and you can read it here.

Image credit: Christel Yardley, Waikato Times.

If you would like to learn more about me and my process, you can also read an interview I had with Canvas Rebel magazine. In it I talk about my year, risks, pivots, rewards and more. I invite you to take a look and get to know me better.

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Renée produces iconic NZ imagery using the medium of woodblock printmaking. 

She was born in Hamilton and currently lives near Ngāruawāhia.

Renée has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Auckland University.  

She is currently focusing on a series of Coromandel baches, and is excited to also

offer home commissions. 

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Coastal InkSpirations

Joint exhibition with Loraine Sabini and Caroline Peacocke

Blue Gallery, Hamilton

In The Frame

St Johns Art Expo, St Johns College.



Line & Light

Joint exhibition with Rosanne Croucher

Gallery9, Hamilton

WAIPRINT 2023 annual exhibition of prints by the Waikato Society of Arts

Blue Gallery, Hamilton


Tuesday Group.

Imprint Gallery, Tauranga.


Nancy Caiger Gallery, Hamilton


Untitled solo showing.

Gilbert Gallery, Hamilton


River, Sea, Sky. Waikato Sociaety of Arts  Printmakers. Blue Gallery, Hamilton.


In Response. Group exhibition

Gallery9, Hamilton.

WAIPRINT 2022 annual exhibition of prints by the Waikato Society of Arts

Artspost, Hamilton.

Waikato Society of Arts Members Exhibition. Artspost, Hamilton.


Collusion. Arts for health. Artspost, Hamilton.



The Mandarin Tree Gallery, Gordonton.  

Imprint Gallery. Tauranga



Post Grad. Dip Teaching. (Secondary) University of Waikato.


Bachelor of Visual Arts. Printmaking. 

University of Auckland.

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