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Printing Sessions at Gallery9 exhibitions

Print using non toxic water based inks and the portable printing press.

There are loads of lovely pre-carved blocks to choose from.

$10 for 3 cards.

Keep an eye out for the next opportunity.



Choose your Block

Choose from Stocking, Star, Traditional Round Bauble or square shaped prepared blocks.


Carve Your Design

Transfer and carve your design into your chosen block using specialist tools with expert guidance.


Print Your Cards

Print 10 unique and beautiful cards using non toxic water based inks and the portable press.


Carve and Print Workshops in my studio

Carve and Print 10 of your own unique and beautiful cards.

3-4 people. Minimum 3. $75 pp.

3 hours including small refreshment break.


Can my Child do this? Yes with an adult participant. Best suited to 10+ as the tools are sharp and patience is required.
My enthusiastic 7 yr launched in on her own to make the blue star above so it's your call on the suitability for your own child. There isn't a child rate.

How messy will I get? Not very. Just finger tips generally but there are gloves and wet wipes for you to use.

What should I bring? Ideas. Having already thought about some ideas for your design is best - when your place is confirmed I'll email you a template to print out so you can start planning your design. And something for transporting them home (below)

How long do they take to dry? A few hours - so bringing a box or tray to take them home on would be useful.

How do I book? Make your enquiry for Christmas 2024 below.

Workshop Enquiry

Please take a moment to fill out the form,

I'll get back to you shortly.

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